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A self hosted product analytics platform for developers.

Scalable ETL pipeline

used for event streaming

Fully automated provisioning

Via custom CLI

Distributed Data Warehouse

Via Redshift

With just a few clicks of the CLI, deploy:

  • Amazon Redshift cluster
  • Amazon Data Firehose
  • AWS Lambda
  • Amazon EC2
  • Amazon S3
  • and more...

CLI Technologies:

  • golang icon
  • terraform icon
  • aws sdk icon for node
  • docker icon

Real-time Dashboard powered by AWS infrastructure

Use the SDK for event and user generation

  • Provides simple interface
  • Easy to import
  • Easy to use

import loafSDK from "@data-loaf/node-sdk";

const loaf = loafSDK.init(

async function createUser(req, res) {
const { user_id, fullName, address } = req.session.user;

const device = req.headers["user-agent"];
const eventLocation = req.headers["x-location"];

try {
await loaf.makeUser(user_id, { fullName, address });
await loaf.sendEvent("create account", user_id, { device, eventLocation });
res.status(201).json({ message: "User created successfully" });
} catch (error) {
console.error("Error creating user:", error);
res.status(500).json({ error: "Internal Server Error" });

The Team

Gianni Barber

Brandon Corey

Allison Embrey

Tyler Wenzel