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Node SDK

This SDK provides functions for sending events, creating users, and updating user information via HTTPS requests for DataLoaf


To use the SDK in your project, you can install it via npm:

npm install @data-loaf/node-sdk



To start using the SDK, you need to initialize it with the gateway URL and optional developer configuration.

init(gatewayUrl: string, developerConfig?: object): loaf

  • gatewayUrl (string): The URL of the gateway.
  • developerConfig (object): Optional configuration object for developer settings like testing and debugging.


import sdk from "@data-loaf/node-sdk"

const gatewayUrl = "";
const developerConfig = {
test: true,
debug: false,

const loaf = sdk.init(gatewayUrl, developerConfig);

Default Configuration

The SDK comes with default configuration options, but you can override them during initialization if needed.


const config = {
debug: false,
test: false,

Sending Events

You can send events using the sendEvent function.

sendEvent(eventName: string, [userId]: string, [eventAttributes]: object): object

  • eventName (string): The name of the event.
  • userId (string): The ID of the user associated with the event.
  • eventAttributes (object): Additional attributes associated with the event.


loaf.sendEvent("login", "user123", { platform: "web" });

Creating Users

To create a new user, use the makeUser function.

makeUser(userId: string, [userAttributes]: object): object

  • userId (string): The ID of the new user.
  • userAttributes (object): Attributes of the new user.


loaf.makeUser("user456", { name: "John Doe", email: "" });

Updating Users

You can update user information using the updateUser function.

updateUser(userId: string, userAttributes: object): object

  • userId (string): The ID of the user to update.
  • userAttributes (object): Updated attributes of the user.


loaf.updateUser("user456", { email: "" });